A walker is a device with a frame that is inherently stable, so when it is left to stand alone it will not fall over. There are a number of different types of walker. Unlike the walker most frequently used by the elderly (made of aluminum with four sturdy posts, front or rear wheels, and is pushed in front of him or her while walking), the rear or Kay posture walker has become most popular for children with cerebral palsy. Its appearance is similar, but the frame goes around the back and is open in the front. This discourages the child from leaning forward and encourages him or her to stand up straighter.

Another type of walker, the ring walker, goes all the way around the child and requires that the child be lifted into it, and generally has a seat or a sling in which he or she can sit down. This type of walker is commonly used when a child does not yet have the balance to stand without assistance, such as infant from 6-10 months. The disadvantage of the ring walker for cerebral palsied children is that they often initiate extensor posturing or movement pattern types, positions that in the long run will not help your child to walk. Another controversial downside to the ring walker is the possibility of accidents in homes with stairs, or patios that drop off. Because the child will have more difficulty seeing the ground in front of him or her in a ring walker, it is possible for the child to inadvertently move the walker down a flight of stairs, thus inflicting possible injuries (and in some cases, death).

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