When choosing the appropriate shoe for a child with cerebral palsy, parents have many options. They will likely want a shoe that is attractive as possible, and one that takes the child’s special needs into account, as well. Many children with cerebral palsy need to wear orthopedic shoes (also called corrective shoes), but may do not. An orthopedic shoe is a special type of shoe, usually made of heavy leather extending above the ankle. It typically has a rigid sole and sturdy construction to provide support to the foot. It may have a straight last, which means that it does not have the normal inside curve. Some of these shoes are made with special arch supports.

An extremely heavy and rigid and sturdily built shoe was considered essential footwear for all children just one generation ago. The theory was that these shoes would ensure that children developed well-balanced feet. It has subsequently been shown that children without disabilities have no need for special support. Shoes today tend to be manufactured with orthopedic support built in to the shoe, and they are lightweight and comfortable.

The main reason for a child to wear heavy orthopedic shoes is to permit the child to wear a metal brace attached to the shoe. These shoes are built of very sturdy leather and can be disassembled or have lifts and other devices added easily. Except for use with a brace, there are few reasons today to prescribe orthopedic shoes or any other corrective shoe to children with cerebral palsy. In fact, the shoes that work best for these children are the same as those that work best for other children: primarily athletic shoes that have soft soles made of rubber to prevent slipping and a moderate arch support that is so soft it won’t hurt the foot.

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