All children, regardless of their ability, love to play, and it can be one of the hardest aspects of having a childhood physical impairment to have that love of play impaired. The adapted cycle can address this troubling matter, and let children with disabilities have just as much fun around the block as the other non-disabled kids.

Adapted cycles can create a whole new world of fun and independence for children whose physical abilities are limited by a condition such as cerebral palsy, or for adults who are seeking more exercise, but have trouble doing so because of physical limitation. The ability to bike around the block with the rest of the neighborhood kids is really quite liberating if you were previously unable to do so.

Many companies offer adaptations to their cycles already designed for disabled persons to better suit your child with cerebral palsy. These adaptations may include a backrest; a detachable bar at the back of the bike for a parent to help the child up inclies, or to brake; padded brake handles; foot straps; paddle brakes (to allow children with cerebral palsy who require a larger target area to brake effectively); and custom adaptations. "Freedom Concepts is dedicated to “Creating a Cycle of Mobility.” Through innovative design, custom modifications when necessary, and a genuine desire to help individuals with special needs, Freedom Concepts offers several tricycle models."
Education Works: "Scooter with maximum stability. Ideal position of the feet. Develops the child's balance.Also suitable for children who need to strengthen their motor functions, as well as slightly handicapped children."
Freedex: "Just bolt it on where your back wheel was wheel was, convert your chain to the proper length and you have your very own 3-wheeled stability. We provide the wheels complete with specially built aluminum hubs , rims (your choice of size), tires and tubes, triangulation stays, bolts and variable drive for the conversion."
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