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Parents of children with cerebral palsy know that it can be quite difficult to safely and comfortably transport your child, especially if he or she has trouble maintaining an upright position unassissted. Specially-designed car seats can be invaluable for helping with this common problem in caring for a child with special needs, and can make traveling to family outings and functions much more safe, fun, and practical.

A parent of a child with cerebral palsy should look for features in a car seat that will cater to their child’s specific needs. Especially for children who are severely affected by cerebral palsy, a car seat that has such features as firm padding, adjustable restraint recline, both lap and shoulder restraints, a padded headrest, a deeper and more comfortable seat and large enough to accommodate a child who is much larger than a toddler (most car seats for children with special needs are able to accommodate children from 20 lbs to 100 lbs, and up to five feet tall).

A comfortable, highly-padded headrest will ensure a child who is unable to hold his or head upright to be able to rest comfortably in the car, and there is no need for alternative positioning, as most car seats are designed to face forward in any backseat. The depth of the seat will help a child’s legs to remain comfortable, and the double shoulder and lap restraints will help to keep the child in a comfortable and safe position. Many car seats are designed to fit in standard bus and airplane seats, which will enhance any family vacation travel. Some car seats are available with swingaway abductors, to help a child’s issues with being comfortable in a car seat with severe muscular contraction. "The built-in Attachment Straps lets you use the Special Tomato™ Multi-Positioning Seating System with any chair that your child uses at home, in school, in the car, or at your favorite restaurant."
Allegro Medical: "A child car seat for use in motor vehicles, where it assists in the safe transport of children with physical disabilities."
Elite Car Seats: "Columbia Medical specializes in unique products for children and adults with physical disabilities. By focusing 100% on creating specialized, quality equipment, they have become an industry institution."
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Car Seats for Children with Special Needs
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